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  1. Ares wypuszcza 16-tego realm Hades.
  2. Content z 4.0.3 Q: What client version will I need for the Hades gameplay? A: 4.3.4
  3. Godziny chyba nie podali, nawet lepiej. Poczekam ze 3 dni i dopiero zacznę grać, niech ta masa ludzi się przetoczy przez początkowe lokacje.
  4. Nawet i bez ludzi z sunwella będzie pokaźna ilość graczy ;)
  5. Niegdyś ekipa molten-wow, teraz pod nazwą Warmane- ogłosiła chęć stworzenia progresywnego wotlkowego realmu. Według mnie jest to propozycja serwera godna uwagi, poniżej informacje z ich forum: DESIGN FEATURES Realm name: Lordaeron (Public Test Realm) Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a Release date: TBA Rates: 1 Dungeon Finder disabled Armory PvP and PvE ladder No point store Limited coin store: - No character level boosts - No profession boosts - No realm transfer - No character rename - No heirlooms - No legendary items - Limitations to companion and mount availability - Item availability based on realm's progression - Item availability based on in-game obtainability - Must have a lower tier equipped before higher item can be obtained using coins - Item level requirement (i.e. must have Edge of Agony equipped before Fleshrender can be obtained using coins - Increased item coin costs UNCONFIRMED FEATURES Features that may or may not make it into the release. - Character naming policy (names such as ifakursis, lickmylala or ieaturazz being strictly forbidden) - Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor release at launch - Outland release 1 month after launch - Northrend release 2 months after launch - Death Knight release 2 months after launch - No race change - No faction change SUGGESTIONS Features that compliment realm's design of long-term activity, population and world PvP in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. - Portal from Ironforge and Orgrimmar to Shattrah City and Dalaran to keep big capital cities populated - Chest spawn in Eastern Kingdoms containing a token that can be redeemed for coins on the website REQUESTED SUGGESTIONS - Gold drain mechanics to maintain competitive Auction House prices and a healthy realm economy in the long-term - Simple, minimal but effective ways to maintain long-term activity, population and world PvP in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor CONTENT STATUS This section is updated based on daily development and testing results. Report is based on EveryQuest addon. Northrend Quests Loremaster of Northrend obtainable by Alliance and Horde Borean Tundra 100% Howling Fjord 100% Dragonblight 99% Grizzly Hills 100% Zul'Drak 96% Sholazzar Basin 93% Storm Peaks 96% Icecrown 96%
  6. Wylistuj może - kto czym ma grać i jakie ma deklaracje w sprawie profek
  7. corni

    TBC x1-x5

    W kwestii wotlka 3.3.5, zbieramy ekipę na start serwera (w ten piątek 19.06), zajrzyj do tematu: http://forum.darkwizard.pl/topic/15394-szukamy-ekipy-na-nowy-server-335a-monster/ Raty jakie mają być to exp x4 (wynika z głosowania na forum serwera). Project Arthas: - After almost 5 years of Development experience Monster-WoW Team try to bring back an other Epic Gaming experience from the past, this Project named after Arthas, Project Arthas. - Current Progress&Features: - Dungeon Finder with rewards from Low lvl Dungeons to LvL80 Heroic mode! - Progressive Content Release(Naxx,Ulduar!->ToC->ICC) - Wintergrasp,Isle of Conquest and Ring of Valor. - Scripted Quest in Every Zone and Epic Blizzlike Questlines! - Pathfinding! - Active&Passive ant-hack, supported with retail Warden modules. - High-Performance optimized core, tested with more than 5000 simulated player! Available Content at Release and Opening Dates(Patch 3.1): - Dungeons(with Dungeon Finder support):(Day 0) - Every Vanilla,TBC Dungeon -Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom - Azjol-Nerub -Drak'Tharon Keep - Gundrak -Halls of Lightning - Halls of Stone - The Culling of Stratholme - The Nexus - The Oculus - Utgarde Keep - Utgarde Pinnacle - Violet Hold Raids: - Every Vanilla,TBC Raid - Naxxramas (Day 0) - Obsidian Sanctum (Day 0) - The Eye of Eternity (Day 0) - Ulduar (Day 14) - Vault of Archavon(became available with Wintergrasp) (Day 7) Arena Season: - Season 6 Gear Obtainable from! (Day 7) Release Date: 2015.06.19.
  8. I tak nie masz wszystkiego na start, więc nie widzę problemu w tym że taki harmonogram sobie ustalili.
  9. Już ruszyły dotacje w celu wyłudzenia pieniążków :D Ten serwer to gówno jakich mało, nie polecam rozsądnym ludziom.
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