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  1. Póki co nie ma informacji o typie realmu (pvp czy pve) a raty to przedział między x1 a x2 (20-60lvl only). Nie wiem skąd masz te informacje (błędne).
  2. Jak masz discorda polecam wejść( https://discord.gg/WdEaVpA ), tam można uzyskać najwięcej informacji. Póki co niedługo ma wyjść testowy serwer. Osobiście obstawiam, że serwer wystartuje na kwiecień/maj. Im dalej tym gorzej bo wychodzi classic na globie.
  3. We would like to talk about our upcoming international progressive WotLK Realm. We have been rather sparse on the details of it, until now, while we continued to pour in development work to make sure it is as ready as it can be. While this may be a fresh realm, the team behind it is anything but that. Some of you may know of our currently-existing WotLK project, Rising Gods. Over the course of its existence, we've put in countless man-hours of development work that we now wish to channel into providing the best possible WotLK private server experience available. So, with that said, we would like to introduce our new WotLK project: Dragonblight! Dragonblight will exist as a progressive-release realm with a pace similar to that of Blizzard's own WotLK schedule. We will be making moderated and balance-tested adjustments to Tier 7 content to bring it in line with the rest of this great expansion's raiding content. A release schedule for Tier 7 will be provided at a later date, but current plans are to release it a short time after the realm has gone live to allow all players to prepare their characters and form their raid teams. We believe that our player base should have an equal footing in the raid race. For those of you who are not familiar with us yet, we've created a short summary down below: Rising Gods opened its doors to the public way back in 2007 and at the time had two TBC realms. In 2009, around a year after the official release of WotLK, the two TBC realms progressed into WotLK realms. Since acquiring another TBC project in 2012, we have been hosting multiple realms with independent teams under Rising Gods management. In the following years, we kept releasing updates for our WotLK realm weekly or every two weeks. Even after 11 years, we are keeping this pace and our realms are still running. Despite the final raid instances already being released on our current WotLK server, we still continue to work hard on improving the gameplay experience for our players. Why should I choose Dragonblight? A large and experienced team that has been managing active realms for over 11 years continuously. Our current WotLK realm has been fully progressed for several years and is still able to maintain ~2.5k player peaks, with the vast majority consisting of German players. No way of gaining ingame advantages through a cash shop. Immense improvements to server performance allowing for more efficient multithreading. A reworked and improved movement system (fanning, movement prediction, pet movement, etc.) that is already fully implemented and working so we will not have to subject our players to live tests. A visibility system that was rewritten from scratch, allowing for larger objects and NPCs to be seen from farther away. No more surprise Fel Reavers. A fully functional Battle for Wintergrasp. Fully reworked buff stacking (eliminates issues such as Fel Intelligence & Divine Spirit not stacking properly). Reworked LFG matchmaking. This prevents trolls from repeatedly queuing and immediately declining their invite. We also improved the algorithm that finds a dungeon for you so that players will see a greater variety of dungeons during the leveling process. Dynamic quest item drop rates. This means that the chance of a quest item dropping increases as you kill more creatures without getting a drop. While this mechanic might be unknown to most players, it is actually blizzlike. For details, please have a look at the primary English source HERE. Solid anti-cheat systems that are being kept up-to-date actively to prevent foul play. We are able to reliably detect PQR and similar programs. Starter guilds. Upon reaching level 2, players without a guild will automatically become part of a community guild based on their faction. Players are then able to leave the guild when they want, as well as rejoining it if they so choose. On our currently-live realm we have implemented a few PvP-related quality of life and balancing features with the purpose of increasing PvP activity. Please note that this does NOT interfere at all with class balancing and that these features are not yet confirmed for Dragonblight. BG MMR System that prevents battlegrounds from becoming too lopsided and keeps them fun and interesting. BG Crossfaction that enables players to be sorted into either side of the battleground. This increases BG activity since it prevents the problem of one faction not having enough players queueing to get BG queues to pop. This is derived from the mercenary battleground feature introduced by Blizzard in Warlords of Draenor. Arena Bracket System that sorts people into either a "beginner's bracket" or a "pro bracket". This prevents people getting started in Arena gameplay from being crushed by high-rated teams and instead puts them in an environment that enables them to learn and improve. There is, however, a timer in place that will pit people from both brackets against each other after enough time has passed. Remote Arena Queuing that allows players to queue for Arena matches from anywhere. This is similar to the way that you can queue up for battlegrounds and improves the amount of teams in queue at any given time. An Arena replay system that allows you to rewatch any Arena match that took place in the current season. You can freely move around the arena as the events of the specific match you selected unfold around you. Vanilla PvP titles can be achieved through the completely implemented Rank System from the pre-2.0.1 era. As some of you might know, the Rising Gods website is currently only partly accessible from outside of Germany. A new website for Dragonblight is currently being worked on and it will be accessible from anywhere. Join us on Discord https://discord.gg/WdEaVpA . We are committed to providing you with an enjoyable experience right from the get-go, so we want to prevent a rushed release. We are not announcing a release date just yet, but we will provide a release date as soon as possible. As we are still in the process of finalizing the ruleset of the project, we have created a poll to evaluate player opinion regarding specific topics. You can access the survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/G3oOSOlXYJQ5RogE3 For now, RaF will not be available on Dragonblight. It may be made available at a later date. We will be releasing further information as well as video showcases of our features over the next few weeks. We are also always happy to respond to your questions, so feel free to ask! That said, we are very much looking forward to entertaining you and providing you with a drama-free, professional private server experience! EDIT: Clarification regarding XP rates: We are planning to have x2 rates for vanilla content between levels 20 and 60. The XP bonus weekends in the survey will apply to all content, not just from that level range. Źródło: https://www.reddit.com/r/wowservers/comments/atxyr7/announcing_dragonblight_335a_powered_by_rising/
  4. Bump. Cena zawiera oczywiscie konta na Atlantissie + konto na TauriWoW + mail
  5. Sprzedane, do zamknięcia.
  6. Witam, do sprzedania mam konto na którym znajduje się 7 postaci na 80lvl. Postacie można przetransferować na TauriWoW na pandy. Klasy to: war,lock,shaman,pal,rogue,dk
  7. Witam, jako że juz nie gram na sunwellu a moje postaci sie kurzą, zdecydowałem się je sprzedać. Konto posiada: Lock 80 Pal 80 Druid 80 (jest anzu) War 80 + niespodzianka wiecej info na priv.
  8. bump , na koncie nie sa rozegrane placementy, p5 w poprzednim, polecam
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