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TBC Sunwell 50+

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Jeżeli serwer opiera się na reportach a nie na detekcji to życzę powodzenia ;) ( Dzięki za ten discrodowy kanał #bot-hammer bo nawet tego nie zauważyłem ) Nawet chwalą administrację 

on sunwell they have good gms and you can use best fightclass best profile but if person who watch you know how wrobot work he will  report you,next gm will only do one thing 1. teleport you 20/30 yards and watch (there is plugin for this on forum) 2. or freeze/sleep you in place and just watch it takes max 30 seconds  but average 10/15 and you get ban

no one on this forum made plugin for this gm freeze/sleep command for sunwell it will be most important stuff to counter bans but no one care

gz :D


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